4 Types You Need Supplements Consumption

If we enter a pharmacy or drug store, there are so many multivitamin supplements was displayed on a shelf. But, have we moved to buy it, unless forced to by the salesman? Most of you might be thinking, if you've got vitamins and minerals from natural food sources, to what supplements to consume these products?

The problem is, how often does, we eat healthy? 
Are fruits and vegetables that we consume every day is the recommended dosage was appropriate?

According to Dr. Alan Logan, a naturopathic doctor and lecturer at Harvard's School of Continuing Medical Education, under conditions where the need for vitamins and minerals you are not fulfilled, there are four types of products that can supplement you consume. 
Remember, the supplement is no substitute for healthy foods we should consume, but additional food.

 Multivitamins or mineral
These supplements are routinely every day will ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. 
Because all the vitamins and minerals that complement each other to provide the best health benefits. If you take vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, or any other antioxidant vitamins alone, this would be detrimental. You will get a pro-oxidative effect. Consumption of a single dose of a multivitamin that does not exceed daily dose.

 Vitamin D
Exposure to sunlight in the morning will provide enough vitamin D for several weeks.However, the use of sunscreen can inhibit our ability to absorb vitamin D. 
Dr Logan also said that taking vitamin D separately (excluding multivitamins) are not going to hurt. Unfortunately, some people in some places that get less sunlight will not get this luxury. Therefore, they need to take supplements with vitamin D to meet their needs.The recommended dose is 1,000 IU (International Units) per day.

 Fish oil
These fatty acids are commonly found in fish or plants. 
Fish is considered as a source of omega-3 is much better than plants, because omega-3 found in plants (called alpha linolenic acid) need to be converted by the liver into DHA to get the benefits. While most of the Omega-3 found in fish have been converted by the fish itself. So, if you do not eat fatty fish at least three times a week, you need to consume fish oil supplements.

In the meantime, if you are a vegetarian, you can get omega-3 fatty acids from plants, like flaxseed, walnuts, and other beans. 
Also make sure you get enough vitamin B6 and vitamin B3, folic acid, zinc, and selenium, to maximize its conversion rate. The recommended daily dose is 1 gram of fish oil with EPA / DHA.

If you do not eat fermented foods, like yogurt, regularly, you probably will not get enough good bacteria into the system to digest properly. 
Instead you can take a probiotic supplement. You need to know, a lot of yogurt too which has lower quality.Therefore, Be smart choose the yogurt is more pure and natural. Types of probiotics which can be options including kefir, or Greek yogurt.

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