Tips for Long-lasting bone in Old Age

Talking about bone health often discuss bone fragility in the elderly. Bone health in childhood and adolescence is sometimes forgotten. In fact, the future of our bones actually precisely determined at such times.

Eating one of the important bone-forming elements, namely calcium, like a deposit.We keep it since childhood and adolescence as security in old age. 
So, before sorry, sa
ves calcium early.

Bone fragility and pain caused a big problem in this country. 
Ministry of Health noted, the prevalence of osteopenia (early osteoporosis) in Indonesia amounted to 41.7 percent. That means two out of five of Indonesia's population at risk of osteoporosis.
That figure is greater than the prevalence of the world, which is one of three people at risk of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a systemic disease of low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue micro-structure, characterized among others by fragility, vulnerability, until the cracks.

Osteoporosis is a common disorder of bone metabolism in adults. 
Lately, there are many studies that have looked at the root of the problem of osteoporosis in childhood.Bones grow and reach its peak in adolescence.

Childhood is a critical period of bone development. 
By 45 percent of bone mass growth occurs at the age of 0-10 years. At that time, bone grows lengthwise. As a teenager, about 45 percent of adult bone mass is formed until just before the age of 18.

\ "As adults, bone mass development continues until the age of 30 years \" said the orthopedic specialist and Traumatology of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Lukman Shebubakar, in a media event workshop titled \ "The Importance of Calcium Intake Meet in School Age Children to Optimize Growth 
\ "some time ago.

For males, the development of longer bones. 
While the span of bone growth in women more quickly.

Conversely, in old age the underlying bone that its speed exceeds the speed of bone production. 
The rapid loss of bone is influenced gender, lifestyle, genetic, and hormonal status.

In women who give birth and menopause, the release of bone is more common.Women begin to lose calcium from their bones begin around age 40 years and men from age 60 years.

The main builder

Primary prevention of osteoporosis is to build maximum bone density during childhood and adolescence. Bone growth is influenced by the amount of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins, especially vitamin D is involved in calcium absorption.Another factor is hormone balance.

Calcium is the major mineral-forming bone. 
Minerals also regulate contraction and relaxation of muscles, are involved in nerve transmission, helps blood clotting, and regulate the body's hormones and growth factors. The amount of calcium around 2 percent of body weight. 99 percent is stored in bone and 1 percent in body fluids.

When there is lack of calcium, the body will take it from bone. 
\ "Every day we've definitely lost as much as 170 mg of calcium lost in the process of secretion through the sweat and urine. Lack of calcium intake at age children, adolescents, and adults will be felt upon entering old age \" said Lukman.

Standardization Development Section Head Food Consumption Directorate of Community Nutrition Ministry of Health as well as nutrition experts, Iip Syaiful, said that the amount of nutrient adequacy established the Ministry of Health for children aged 7-9 years is 600 mg of calcium per day and for children aged 10-12 years increasedto 1,000 mg per day. 
Needs it more than doubled compared with the age of 4-6 years, ie 500 mg of calcium per day.

The problem, he said, one nutritional problem in school-age children are deficient of certain substances, including calcium.

When entering the age of six, children begin to show its ability to determine the choice of food and see the many food choices outside the home. 
Children started is not easy anymore regulated. Milk also began rarely consumed.

Absorption of calcium is also a problem when there is deficiency of various other substances. He gave an example, deficiency of vitamin D in active form can affect the absorption of calcium. Oxalic acid and phytic acid can also inhibit the absorption of calcium.

Excessive protein intake also causes calcium easily excreted through urine.Likewise, mental and physical stress that reduces the absorption of minerals. \ "Basically, each food has a role in balancing the input of nutrients daily. Consumption of foods should be varied \ "said Iip.

In order to improve bone health, activities of the child's body must also be considered.Unfortunately, children are also increasingly limited movement, especially in big cities.Child more active in the home and less active. In fact, exercise influence on bone development.

Lukman said, some exercises to strengthen bones The simplest is walking, jogging, climbing stairs, and jump rope. Sports games, like tennis, basketball, football, and volleyball, is also good for the bones. Old exercise about 30 minutes with a frequency of more than three times a week. For children, exercise habits that can be customized with a child's play. 
Congratulations to play while saving calcium.

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