5 Tricks Sports Get the Ideal Body

Who does not know that exercise is important? Exercise is one important way in addition to nutrition and adequate rest to get the ideal body shape and healthier.

People who exercise have lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and also had better sleep quality. Usually for busy people, especially young executives, both men and women, the factor of time, energy, or taste not like / lazy to be the main reason for not exercising.
Associate Manager Nutrifood Research Center Agustino Romulo provide guidance to you for easy exercise and of course the sport will feel more comfortable.
Do something different when you're watching TV!
If you admit that the time be your main limitation in the exercise, then try to remember how much time spent watching television? Avoid the habit of snacking while watching your favorite TV shows. Replace them with actual sporting movement, such as lifting weights, or you can walk in place. Better yet, if you are able to turn off your TV, then replace that time to perform physical activity, such as cleaning house, walking outside, or playing with your kids.
Change your lifestyle! The walk was much, much more!
Remember, you do not need to come to the gym if you do not have time. However, change your lifestyle with the things that spur more you move more, like not using the elevator / escalator when going to higher floors, but use the manual steps that walk more. If you want to go somewhere close, consider not using private motor vehicles.Kakilah walk or bike if possible.
Do exercise at least 30 minutes per day and you do not need to be confused on the type of exercise will be conducted. Walk / jogging is one example of an easy and inexpensive sport that can be done every day, right?
One of the research, published in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics (2010), states that cardiovascular health could decrease if your physical activity level decreased.

Do not want to exercise because I do not like! Explore the reasons and find a solution!
For some people, exercise becomes something unpleasant having to sweat, and it probably was not fun. Some people prefer reading books, sewing, watching TV, or movies.
If indeed you feel like it, there are some sports that continue to function without excessive sweating, such as yoga exercise in air-conditioned room, or swim.Swimming is one good alternative to burning calories your body and build muscle, and also avoid the sweat of course! Swimming is also not a big risk to the health of your joints.
Or maybe if you feel insecure to go to the gym because they have excess weight, try to work out at home such as using exercise videos, walking with a friend, or form a joint exercise among friends who care about your health. However, you do not actually need to feel inferior. Due to the strong intention and motivation to live healthier, feeling so you can easily correct.
Thinking out of the box!
If you do feel bored with the sport that's all, try another new sport for you. Find an activity you really enjoy, then think of other ways such as inline skating, dancing, salsa, or even gardening. Listen to your favorite music while cycling both in the gym or outside the home or being on foot, certainly you will feel more energized! Sports rollicking (group exercise) such as
body combat, body pump, or opening their own aerobic classes with friends can also be an alternative to kill your boredom in the exercise.
Exercise in your office!
For executives in the office, sitting at the computer and typing are the two main things that is often done. The longer sit, watch a video, or other activity that could be considered only a few moves (sedentary lifestyle) were associated with greater fat deposition and increases the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Individuals who are more established and more moves have the profile of body fat and blood sugar better than those who just sat there.

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