Tips : Carrots Prevent Stroke

CARROT not only contain vitamin A which is good for the eyes. More than that.Carrots contain many nutrients and minerals to prevent stroke.
Carrots are known to contain vitamin A which is very high. 
Carrots have other elements such as calories, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, and iron. Carrots are the plants that are planted throughout the year and can grow in all seasons, especially in mountainous areas that have cold temperatures and damp. Carrots are vegetables easily available and very much beneficial for health.
There are some people, especially children who do not like this vegetable because not yet know whether the benefits of carrots are very rich in vitamins. 
Okay, let's see how far the carrot to benefit the body. According to Dr. John MS Win SpGK from Medigreen. The content in 122 grams or a cup of carrot juice have vitamin A as much as 34, 317, 40 mg, 16.678 mcg beta carotene, vitamin C 11.35 mg, folate 17.08 mcg. Vitamin K 16.10 mcg. While nutrition, such as calories of 52.46 calories, 1.26 grams of protein and 167.10 grams of water. Minerals in carrots is phosphorus, potassium and high atrium.
So far, people familiar with carrots only for the eyes because of its vitamin A content is very high. 
Carrots are believed to reduce the minus, plus and a cylinder in your eye.Apparently it's just a myth. According to scientific research, carrots do contain lots of vitamin A. However, the optical system errors on eye can not be corrected with vitamin A. Like a camera lens has no focus. The film of any quality brand will record a blurred image if the lens is not perfect. "It is a source of vitamin A. However, the optical system errors on eye can not be corrected with vitamin A. Like a camera lens has no focus. The film of any quality brand will record a blurred image if the lens is not perfect. "It was a good source of vitamin A for night vision. Vitamin A to the retina produces rhodopsi (purple pigment) on a special eye for night vision. Vitamin A will reduce the aging of the macula eyes and prevent cataracts in the elderly, "explained the doctor who is also the practice of nutrition in hospitals Ridwan.
Prevent Stroke
Investigate a calibaration, carrots have more properties than just for eye health. 
One is to prevent stroke. People affected by stroke, if you consume lots of vitamin A, will have fewer neurological damage (nerve) and have a chance to heal. This is because when the brain does not get oxygen for how long, as in stroke, the cells began to experience malfunctions (interference function) that causes a series of events culminating when the nerve cells of oxidative damage, and these conditions can be muted if the blood contained many vitamin A.
A study showed that eating carrots at least five times a week can reduce the risk of stroke. 
Savor antistroke also generated because the activity of beta carotene to prevent the occurrence of plaque or cholesterol deposits in blood vessels. Beta carotene is the most active pigments when compared with the alpha and gamma carotene. Usually known as beta carotene provitamin A that the intestinal wall."Because the carrots do not contain cholesterol. There is a fiber that can reduce fat in the blood. He can also be as an anti-oxygen. Oxidized fat in blood vessels that will make a stroke, it can prevent a stroke if he ate carrots that anti-oxidants and fiber is high, "he said.
No one wants to have a stroke and nobody wants to die young. 
Prevention is better than cure. So what are you waiting, carrot we know as the vegetables can lead us away from a stroke. Carrots were also used as a detox and a very good antioxidant."For the heart, there Massuchusetts a 1300 study in the elderly is given one serving a day. Each day is given to a group of elderly people 122 gr. Apparently, the risk of heart attacks decreased 60 percent compared to the no, "he explained.
One cup of carrots (16.679 mcg) contain more beta carotene could reduce the risk of various cancers. 
One cup can reduce 20 percent of post-menopausal breast cancer, and can hit as much as 50 percent of bladder cancer, also 50persen lung cancer if we eat them. Carrots also according to Dr Win's good for preventing diabetes. "Unlike the insulin resistance, can prevent diabetes. She is inversely proportional to mean if he eats carrots resistance reduced, if baseball eat up, "he concluded. From the Journal of Agricultural Research in Chemistry Ford fulcarinoid content owned carrots can reduce the risk of colon cancer.
Carrots for Smokers

Win also publish that in one bensopyrine cigarette smoke that causes the status of vitamin A in the body decreases. Thus, cause cancer and inflammation in the lungs.Therefore, smokers are very good eating carrots for vitamin A in the body increases."It turned out to people smoking is given a lot of carrots will make vitamin A were increased in the body," he continued.
So, like what a good carrot? 
Well, to gain maximum benefit carrot that must be considered is keen in memlih carrots. Select a color carrots rather young and bright.This indicates that the carrot is still young and fresh. According to him, carrots straight so do not bend and avoid branching, also cracked and lemes. Bright colors, the more orange the better the quality of carrots. "Carrots are better boiled, because he's got that cell walls tebel when boiled so very good beta carotene to be absorbed by the body. From the direct eaten raw, "he said.
How about a carrot that we eat too much? 
Will arise right palm signs that become orange-yellow. Better stop eating them. Colors in the palm of the hand will disappear by itself. "If you eat mostly karotinnya will accumulate under the skin, especially on the palms. After a long time will be processed in the liver carotene into vitamin A. If it is gone may Mekan again, "he explained.
For beauty, carrots very good because it can make your skin smoother. Eating carrots can also reduce acne.
 "Eating carrots fahcular hyperkeralosis we can prevent people whose skin is rough spots can be avoided can make so smooth. Acne can also be lost, "he explained

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