Things Go Wrong in the First Sex With Wife

Many wives are anxious or perhaps afraid to face the first night. Feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or not ready. As a result, will lead to disappointment on one side or even both. Well, what else might happen on the wedding night and afterward?
 Intercourse Pain
Initially, intercourse may be painful, but not on subsequent nights. 
If the pain for many weeks, this certainly is not normal. A torn hymen was not senyeri who said the myths that circulate, unless until the rupture of blood vessels, so that more blood out.

Painful intercourse is also experienced remarkable if there is an interruption in the mouth of the vagina (vulva). 
The reason could be due to infection (vulvitis), injury, muscle spasm, or anxiety reaction itself.

If the condition of the vulva and vagina is healthy, but intercourse was still painful or unpleasant taste, may have created emotional adjustment, mental, and physical conditions between husband and wife. 
Thus, sexual communication should not be blocked.

Two-three days after the wedding night, a sudden painful urination, malaise, nausea, headache, and if severe, pink or red urine. 
This typically occurs at the newly-weds.
Of course, it should be immediately given antibiotics killer bacteria, in addition to pain medication urination. 
Usually within 3 days Anyang-anyangan was cured, but can recur. Especially if not directly to urinate once completed intercourse.

Though still a girl, could have been when the first night did not bleed. 
This is because the hymen is not just one kind, either holes or elasticity.

In women that her hymen is more rigid, probably indirectly bleed on the first night, and only on subsequent nights, or even just a real tear after childbirth. 
This case is often a tempest in early marriage. Husband generally necessarily indict the wife was not a girl anymore.

That was then, how important sex education for boys and girls. 
If only every husband knows that the hymen was diversified, he certainly would be wise to face the real wife is still virgin.

The first night is not necessarily always successful. 
The husband could have been satisfied when it comes to ejaculation, but not necessarily of the wife. New female orgasm peaked or if the preliminary game long enough, the organ and soul fully ready, and his wife had felt resigned to the total. Like what? Taste delicious prosperous, remarkable sensation felt by the body and soul, not well illustrated by the words, which can be repeatedly combed the beach like a sea wave.

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