Tips to Overcome Premature Ejaculation In Sex relations

In the household, sex / sexual intercourse is very important in fostering a harmonious relationship with your partner. But sometimes, in this connection it might have just a wedge or reduce the enjoyment or harmonious relationship.

The most common is premature ejaculation, the release of sperm before the desired time. 
which of course this will make the wife will feel disappointed not satisfied. Here we will reveal some tips and tricks to overcome it.

The steps that can be done to overcome and prevent jakulasi early / premature ejaculation are:

Distraction of mind

Mind is the most fundamental key to premature ejaculation, try to do the distraction of mind during the act of intercourse. 
namely transferring thoughts to other things that are not associated with sex.

Decrease In Penis Stimulation

This can be done dengn using condoms, cream or other sex aids that can reduce the stimulation received by the men. 
Condoms are used should be that thick in order to reduce the size of the stimulus that will be accepted later.

Disconnect Before Logout

If the husband has felt the ejaculation will occur, so it does not trigger immediate pull out, carefully pull time, because if one actually revoked will speed up ejaculation time.In this case also required the help of his wife to his success.

Find the right position

Husband and wife have to find the right position and comfortable for both. 
So when they see them get the atmosphere and a comfortable position.


Regular exercise is very important to prevent premature ejaculation. 
In addition also to remind the stamina and endurance and maintain health.

Nutritious Food

Nutritious food also has a very large contribution to preventing the occurrence of premature ejaculation. 
Try to consume foods that contain lots of high protein.


Avoid drinks that mengadung substance on this one, because it will weaken our nervous system

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