The importance of "Loveplay" Before Sex

Sexual activity before contact agency usually is called foreplay. However, most experts in the field of sex mentioned that the term is not precise, because it does not mean anything other than "warming". Of course warm-up for sex.

The word foreplay giving great pressure on men to have a penis that is able bereksi and tends to lead us to think that sex is just intercourse.

Similarly, delivered the opinion of Joel D. 
Block, Ph.D., in his book Secrets of Better Sex. According to Joel, the proper term for it is loveplay.

Furthermore, Joel said that usually the period is called foreplay is considered a step that must be performed by a male against female partner that is ready to have sex because the man considered to be ready.

In fact, men, especially those who are elderly, very needed and wanted loveplay before or during sex. 
As a preparation to the actual intercourse, foreplay will be better able to increase sexual desire when run properly.

Here are five guidelines for foreplay according to Joel. 
D. Block:

Remember that sex begins in the brain. Start thinking about the times when having sex and tell your thoughts in brief, preferably through a picture to your partner if you can. Could also with other symbols, such as sending a rose to her office.

Note the detail romantic. Prepare a slightly romantic atmosphere. Make sure the room is warm enough, proper lighting, the room smells fragrant, stimulating underwear, and so forth.

Slowly. Begin with a kiss (do not jump on the sexual organs).

Give an orgasm. Many women do not experience orgasm during intercourse. Most women who experience orgasm several times is much more likely to get a second or third orgasm during sexual intercourse if they had ever experienced.

Consider other erotic zones. There are many erotic zones such as nipples, scrotum (in men), or other places like the ears, neck, and so forth.

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