5 Things You Need to Know About Breast Mammogram

At present the medical field is very much advised breast mammogram in use for patients with breast cancer. But not so his usefulness, precisely loss that the patients suffered thereafter.

Here are five facts about breast mammogram, setiapwanita should be aware of before doing so, because would be potentially dangerous:

Fact One:
Doctors often praised mammography as a technique to detect early signs of breast cancer in women. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily good for the patient. In fact, once breast cancer has reached the point where it can be detected using x-rays,

Fact Two:
Every woman who had received screening mammography knowing that involve compression, is very strict when it was given a painful breast x-rays. Clipping the breast in this manner is likely to lead to metastasis, which is the spread of a malignant breast cancer cells.

Fact Three:
It is uncomfortable topic in the medical industry, but the reality is that many treatments and procedures that are based for profit and greed. medical procedures such as breast mammogram is a perfect example, especially considering the risks and how they can be relied upon.

Fact Four:
It is a scientific fact that radiation can lead to cancer development. Procedures involving x-rays such as mammography exposes the body to low dose radiation. Even small doses can significantly increase the risk of developing breast cancer, especially in women who have a family history of disease or genetic predisposition.

Fact Five:
Many women believe that cancer was detected because the mammography equipment. However, the reality is that cancer is detected with this procedure are not clinically significant. Usually this cancer will shrink itself from time to time, or just remain inactive (benign). In other words, they do not need to be treated.

Even after reading these facts, many women continue to breast cancer test that uses the mammogram equipment. They tend to want to make sure that they do everything possible to prevent themselves from falling prey to this deadly disease. The reality is that although breast screening is not effective, and at worst, as well as potentially dangerous.

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