Tips for Overcoming Pain When Menstruation

The pain is caused by contractions of the uterus or uterine muscle ischemia and the release of the uterine wall due to increased prostaglandin. In addition, menstrual pain also due to hormonal factors, psychological, and even excessive anxiety. Here are some tips that can help you to cope with the pain.

1. Compressed part of the perceived pain using a bottle of water dengati hangar.

2. Wipe-Gently rub the abdomen or waist.

3. Drink warm beverages that contain high calcium.

4. Inhale deeply for relaxation slowly.

5. Take a position so that the uterus depends tung menungging down. It can help relaxation.

6. If you choose to use drugs as neutralizing the pain, then use the drug with a doctor's supervision. It may take analgesics (pain relievers) are sold in drug stores, provided the dose is not more than 3 times a day.

7. Hangar water bath, may also use aroma therapy to calm down.

8. Heat is an old herb that's worth a try. Use a heating (heating pad), compress towel, or hot water bottle, in the abdomen and lower back, and drink warm drinks. Warm bath also can help relieve pain.

9. Sleep enough and regular exercise (including many roads). Some women may reduce pain through exercise. In addition to reducing stress, exercise can also increase production of brain endorphins, a natural painkiller in the body. There are no restrictions on sporting activities during menstruation.

10. In the case of a very rare and extreme, sometimes required excision of the nerves of the uterus.

11. An alter native therapies, namely visualization sasi, tu can help reduce menstrual pain.

12. In addition, aroma therapy and massage can also reduce the taste did not cozy. A light massage and a circle by using the index finger on the lower abdomen will help reduce menstrual pain. Listening to music, reading books or watching movies can also help those of you who have pain during menstruation.

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