Tips : Healthy Diet Lose Weight

A healthy diet to lose weight the way, namely by eating healthy foods 4 5 perfect and assisted with mild exercise. A healthy diet, should not eliminate the meal, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon, remain to be done. In the morning, a small piece of bread, oatmeal, enough to support fiber and nutrients for the body to start the day.Sehatmenurunkan Diet weight loss with try not to eat foods that contain oils such as fried foods too. If you can select the menu for breakfast foods that are high in fiber and orange juice plus munuman. If you like a drink of milk, you should also do not choose the full cream. Please consumption of low fat milk beverage. 

For lunch, eat ¼ or ½ servings of rice and vegetables was enough carbohydrate.Before eating and after, first drink of water, or a piece of fresh fruit, even this Sunnah.According to studies, drinking or eating fruit before eating, will inhibit the absorption of cholesterol into the blood, and would "glut" our stomachs so it is not overeating. 
Eat your way slowly. And do not forget to multiply drinking water, many people can not distinguish between thirst and hunger, while thought to feel hungry (but, really thirsty), you will consume the food (which actually does not need you consume), how to test it, that drinking a glass of water and wait up to 10 minutes to find out if you're still hungry.If yes then you are really hungry. 

Eat your way slowly (Why are Americans more prone to obesity than in people of France? The answer, not only because Americans are eating more, but also because the French people really enjoy their food in every cud, so tend to eat slowly), p. This causes the stomach will feel full faster, which in turn helped to suppress appetite and eating. For those of you who are not familiar, try this trick: Put a spoon or fork when you're chewing, drinking mineral water after each chew, and chew food a few times before swallowing. Use a smaller plate. Habits in our country is spending food presented on a plate, regardless of the number of calories of food and size of these plates. To work around this, use smaller plates. You'll feel full with less food. One great if most of us believe that a healthy diet to lose weight applies only to lose weight, instead of the diet was to achieve a fit body dansehat. In accordance adage "You are What You Eat". If your main goal to lose weight healthy blood money, you will be willing to take a less-tasty food. Compared with delicious foods that are often hiding the negative things behind. Limit carbohydrates. 

Dinner, best done at about 5 pm until 7 pm. 
Fruit food or eating food that is high in protein, say fish, is the best dinner option to control body weight. This is because protein makes you full longer. If you want to consume carbohydrates, avoid simple, because it is more likely to be stored as fat rather than used as energy. Water content and high fiber, also contain vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables can help health and vitality of the body as a whole. Switching from simple carbohydrates to complex carbohydrates. Eat less white bread and white rice, eat more wheat (bread wheat or rice grain). Wheat able to provide long-term energy and gives a sense of full longer because it has a high fiber content. Take a multivitamin if you feel the nutrients you consume less. 

A healthy diet to lose weight best be helped by exercise, due to burning calories.Exercise also can increase metabolism. It did not take long and only mild exercise such as climbing stairs 3 × 10 minutes in a day is enough to make your body healthy.And do not forget to sleep enough. Lack of sleep can be at high risk of obesity because it makes the body feel hungry. The good sleep about 8 hours a day. Avoid sleeping with full stomach condition / full, because it could result in less good for health.

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