How to Easily Avoid Pesticides and Toxins In Foods

For this moment there are many foods that we eat contain pesticides. Of course, none of us expect the pesticides get into our body system. There are several ways you can do to avoid foods that contain pesticides. See some of our tips below.

1. The first thing you need to do is make sure to choose the free food and non-toxicpesticide, which is by buying organic ingredients. Now widely
available organic foodsranging from meat, milk, eggs, all animal products produced without artificial fodderand processes that are not natural. Likewise with organic fruits and vegetables, whichare produced without pesticides.

2. Choose products that are not produced from fish ponds. Fish caught directly fromthe lake and the river is not contaminated mercury or other heavy metals.

3. After buying the meat and organic food, the next important step is making sure allfood is free from poison. Test by immersion in water mixed with vinegar to reduceresidues on the surface, soak dive 5 to 10 minutes, then wash thoroughly. For a food that is thin skinned enough to soak for 1 to 2 minutes.

4. Meat and animal foods organikpun still need to be cooked properly. Cook the meatwith hot temperatures according to the rules listed on the wrapper.

5. You also can avoid the poison in the food through the equipment you use. Do not use cooking equipment that sticky on its surface. Do not cook food or water in a saucepan berkuah aluminum. The safest cookware that is made ​​from iron. With thiscookware, substance mixed in food at most is only iron, which is useful to combatanemia.

6. Make sure that all the cooking and preparation in a clean condition. Be sure to wash clean cooking utensils before using it to cook other food. You can use vinegaras a natural germ killer.

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