Simple Ways to Obtain Beautiful Skin

Cucumber have in common such as pumpkins, melons and other types of thick-skinned and juicy fruit. Cucumbers originated in Southeast Asia where it grows wild, especially India, and he grew bervarietas genetic.

There are records of cucumber cultivation in various parts of the world for centuries.Earlier this vegetarian tourists spread throughout Asia, Europe and Africa and then to America. Currently, humans become aware of the health benefits of cucumber. This is especially popular among the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations because the fruit is soothing and refreshing properties.

Cucumber have dark green skin though it may vary in color from pale yellow to white with greenish flesh.

Eye swelling: a high water content in chilled cucumber makes our skin. This helps reduce swelling and swelling in the same way as a cold compress.

Burns: In the case of sun burns. Topical application of cucumber cool and calm effect.This required repeated use which will help to heal the lesions for this purpose. Usually more effective cold cucumber slices.

Hair Loss: Silicon and sulfur present in the cucumber is known to stop hair loss. It also encourages new hair growth when taken orally for a long time.

Cucumber is a great way to hydrate skin naturally, both internally and externally. In addition, cucumber skin hydration also gave glowing through silica and ascorbic acid is an important constituent of cucumber.

Silica helps to maintain skin tone by strengthening connective tissue. It also gives your skin glowing with young skin.

For hair, good for hair elasticity, shine and elasticity.

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C other than essential elements, known for anti-aging and make skin white. So using your cucumbers will be healthier, younger looking skin with skin bright and shiny beautiful hair.

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