5 Tips For Healthy Kidneys

The main function of the kidneys is to remove dirt from the body. Here are some tips to keep the kidney:

1. Drink plenty of water
The body consists of 60-70% water. Without water, the cells will not survive and biochemical and physiological processes in the body will not work correctly. Health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses per day. Pay attention to the consumption of mineral water that enters the body, namely, two glasses when you wake up, one glass before and after meals and two glasses before bed. Two glasses of water can then be taken to extra time you indulge.

Drinking water before each meal also reduces the "hunger". Ice-cold water is not recommended, because cold temperatures will inhibit the metabolism bahanmakanan. Lipids are hardened and more difficult to digest. The kidneys respond to the water intake accordingly. A healthy kidney will absorb what is needed by the body and remove excess. This action will increase the excretion of metabolic waste and will maintain the integrity of the kidney.

2. Avoid salty foods
Sodium chloride is the chemical name of salt. Sodium and chloride are electrolytes and responsible in maintaining electrolyte and water balance of acidity and alkalinity of blood. If they are ingested in excess, they can cause imbalance and lead to accumulation in the kidney, which will eventually lead to kidney dysfunction. A healthy kidney requires a lot of water to "clean up" of dirt and metabolic.

3. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol is a diuretic substance that causes frequent urination or micturation, but also lead to prevention of excretion of other substances such as uric acid. This will lead to kidney stones or gouty arthritis. Uric acid is one cause of kidney stones or nefrolisiasis. A true healthy kidneys would remove uric acid and other impurities in the body.

4. Do not press with force when you will urinate
If you feel the urge to urinate, then do not be forced. The kidneys can only hold as much water as could be. Although the kidney cells are elastic, imagine if the elasticity of which continue to be brought to full capacity. Finally going thirsty.

5. Healthy Living
Body like a well oiled machine. If one part is not functioning properly, then everything will be affected. Eat well, sleep well and live well. Meat fat can cause several diseases. Smoking can cause lung cancer.

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