Simple Technique To Improve Brain Function

The function of the brain is directly related to something that is fundamental to life as breathing. Did you know that your brain is only 1% to 3% of your body weight, but it takes 20% of all oxygen you breathe.

Doctors and paramedics are always worried about the loss of oxygen supply to the brain for their patients. If the brain loses oxygen supply within 10 minutes, a fairly large nerve damage can occur. Of course, the cold temperature can prolong this period and there are several examples of people drowning in cold water that survived without brain damage even after 40 minutes.

Oxygen affects not only your body but also your brain function. 
Each cell in the body requires sufficient oxygen to function properly. The brain is packed with 100 billion neurons, and oxygen is very important for every human being. If oxygen is very important for our welfare, why we do not give proper attention? Most people breathe auto-pilot. So our first priority is to ensure that our bodies and brains to get a lot of oxygen.

Simple pointers for improving brain function through efficient breathing.
The first step is to ensure that you take the troops abundant oxygen.
Here are some sensible action we can take to ensure our body and brain in good condition.

1. Inhale deeply. Breathe slowly, breathe in oxygen / air is automatically slower than throw it away. Gradually, create a rhythm of breathing in and out on the speed you feel comfortable.

2. Eliminate all distractions like phone, tv or the internet and focus your attention on breathing.

3. Give comfort and when you will do this penegtesan. Her back and shoulders straight fit your comfort.

4. Make sure the environment around you is completely free from toxic chemicals such as cleaners, smoke or incense.

5. Avoid heavily wooded areas at night when you breathe. Why is that? Plants breathe in oxygen at night and provide carbon-dioxide. At night, when you breathe deeply in an area that involves the dense foliage of plants, you inhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen.

6. While breathing in, use your nose instead of your mouth. Nasal respiratory function and receive special for odor

Your brain function will automatically attract oxygen. The body can absorb and utilize supplemental oxygen.

Simple steps can facilitate the process of absorption of oxygen is breathed deeply and slowly. This will give your lungs waku needed to absorb oxygen from the air when you inhale. By giving the resistance a greater absorption of oxygen.

Beware of yoga breathing, because in this case involve some aspects of holding his breath. However, without proper training and supervision, can cause side effects that are less good.

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