Strawberries Has Potential to Prevent Cancer

To protect the body from cancer dangers we need is food that contain antioxidants, free radical fighter. Strawberries are one fruit that has the potential to fight cancer. 

After drinking at a strawberry fruit extracts, will make the person avoid esophageal cancer, this opinion is a result of research conducted in China. 

Tong Chen, a cancer researcher from Ohio State Comperhensive Cancer Center, began interested to investigate the efficacy of strawberries for humans after research in the laboratory to the animal experiments show that feels fresh fruit and these acids have more of an anti-cancer benefits. 

In research funded by the California Strawberry Commission, he was observing health thirty-six people who berasalah from 3 provinces in China which is well known as a region with the highest esophageal cancer cases in the world. 

Chen then gave a dried strawberry powder to be mixed directly into drinking water.One important way to maintain existing content in the fruit is to freeze drying. While research in the lab, Chen wore black raspberries, but because the fruit does not exist in China and then he replaced it with strawberries. 

In many cases of cancer, which develops from pre-cancerous lesions is esophageal cancer, ranging from the mild to the most severe stage. Of the thirty-six participants who ate strawberry powder for six months, twenty Sembilang people recovered from the disease, for example, from medium to light. 

"The results of this study are very encouraging because strawberries histologically proven to reduce the level of pre-cancerous lesions and reduce cell division of cancer cells and inflammation," said Chen. 

Although it looks very helpful against cancer Chen was in no hurry to recommend strawberries. Larger studies are necessary, more rigorous, and involve varying the number of people to find out if the strawberries are actually very good for preventing cancer / placebo. 

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