Benefit of Green Tea

Contained a lot of green tea polyphenols and powerful antioxidants. Green tea is beneficial to smooth the cardiovascular system also prevent various cancers and Alzheimer's disease. The risk of pneumonia 47% lower risk of cancer of the blood & lower 42% owned by lovers of green tea. 

Drinking green tea can lower stress 

Green tea has other advantages that are very healthy, that can avoid stress. 
A study has been tested through a survey to about 42 thousand Japanese people aged over 40 years. After studying the questionnaire about the drinks they had drank & had perceived levels of stress (2700 survey participants were patients with stress), if consumed 5 cups of green tea every day from 20% lower stress, were found by researchers. Overall, if we want to reduce stress, perbanyaklah drinking green tea.Another discovery shows that green tea drinkers, consuming four or more cups daily, has a moderate risk of depression, 44% lower. 

Previous findings made by Unilever and the discovery of this time will greatly strengthen, which mentions green tea has a L-theanine has a relaxed side effects on the brain. 
Alpha brain waves are stimulated by consuming 50 mg L-theanine (equivalent to 2 or 3 cups of tea). With increasing frequency of alpha brain waves, the frequency of beta waves related to the tension experienced a decline. 

Tips drinking green tea 
- Let the soluble green tea for ten minutes. 
- Green tea has less theine (similar to caffeine that is in the coffee). If you want to reduce the levels, dip the green tea into a little hot water for 1 minute, then discard the water. 
Next dip into the water in a cup that want you to enjoy. 
- Do not dicampukan with milk. The effect can be neutralized by milk. 
- Avoid drinking green tea after every meal, since iron absorption in the intestine can be reduced by green tea. 

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