Establish Healthy Eating for Children

Children need variety of nutrients with a certain portion of nutrition guidelines tosupport the growth phase. Polamakan child must sudahdibentuk early on (in addition to the nutrients in his diet.)

What has been or will be eaten by a toddler it depends what has been presented byher parents. Make it a habit since childhood of children should be introduced with fishand vegetables, because if not introduced, would make it difficult loved childrenhealthy foods when she grew up.

"Parents have an important role to give examples of nutritionally adequate andbalanced food for the family habits will affect the diet of children," said dr.FiastutiWitjaksono, Sp.GK, a nutritionist from Jakarta Semanggi Clinic.

Healthy diet for children should be established early on and require parentalprosespanjang & tenacity. "You have to be creative in introducing healthy eating habits in children," said Fiastuti. There are 3 things to watch for the parents especiallymothers to form the diet of children.

Eat according to the needs of calories, less guns and more guns. Children who weigh10-10 kg, it takes 100 calories / kilogram of body weight. Sedangkananak whose weight is 10-20 pounds need 50 calories / kg body weight (plus 1,000 calories).

Carbohydrate, vegetable and animal protein, fruits, vegetables, milk fat and ones that must be met because it is a nutritional requirement. Quickly so that children like thefood, should be equated with child diet menus for families so that children get boredguns. Which must be distinguished perhaps only a sense of spiciness.

Parents should make a regular eating schedule. 2x 3x main dining & snack is the timeto eat children. Children must be accustomed to breakfast because breakfast is alsoserved as preparation for energy before the move. Involve children in meal together, it is highly recommended. With this activity children can see the customs and ordinances eating right.

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