Criteria For Healthy Kids

Every parent would want a healthy child who grew up in the middle of the family. Children are smart, diligent, and dutiful to parents is everyone's dream, because the child is a parent hopes. Parents expect their children to be children to be proud.However, it is not easy to keep and care for children up to make our children as healthy children. there are some things we need to know for our children to become healthy children.

The first thing we need to know the characteristics of healthy children. 
In this case we must know the signs of physical or psychological our children. A healthy child is a child who is responsive to its surroundings. Experts say that we must accustom ourselves to speak to children by directly looking toward the eye. Thus we will study the response of the child, whether the child feels lethargic or enthusiastic about what we are talking about. Next is the hair on the child's condition. Does your child's hair is not dull or if not easily fall out? It's also a sign that our children are healthy children.The hair is clean, beautiful with bright color is characteristic of a healthy child. There's good we always maintain the cleanliness of the scalp and hair nutrition for children with vitamin B complex and minerals.

Next is a baby tooth. 
Note the condition and color of your baby teeth. Healthy child's teeth are the teeth with good growth and brilliant color. Routine maintenance every six months is better applied to maintain and grow flowers look good teeth. Also note the color of your baby gums. Good gum color is pink. If his gums bleed easily it meant your child deprived of vitamin C. With dental hygiene and gum will be spared from bad breath.

Skin health is also a characteristic of a healthy child. 
Healthy skin is clean skin and wounds heal faster when it occurs. Healthy skin condition will help speed wound healing. Nail Hygiene is also a feature of a healthy child. A healthy nail is strong nails and pink. This indicates that your baby is not infected with anemia and calcium deficiency. Little one's body temperature is another factor sign of a healthy child.Body temperature should be around 36.5 to 37.5 degrees celsius. Style is also ate little one sign of the health of the child. Avidly eat little one did not signify disruption of appetite. Adequate and restful sleep is another characteristic of a healthy child.Healthy Digestion with smooth BAB also means that in healthy children. Well, if your child has included a healthy child?

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