Wonders and Health benefits of Tai Chi

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Healthy does not only refer to one's physical aspect but also involves the aspects of mental, emotional, social and spiritual as well.

There are various kinds of ancient and modern practices that make health tubuhoptimal. Coming from different cultures, each unique with its own techniques and guidelines. And with the help of these practices.
To achieve optimal health should involve five aspects, all of which can be achieved by practicing some form of ancient Chinese martial art, one of the oldest, Tai Chi.
Tai Chi Chuan, or simply, Tai Chi, means "the highest main strength." 
The aim is to bring the body and mind together, by using the "strength". Most called by the Chinese as "Chi", is believed to be a vital force. These include sports yoga and meditation, creating a state of relaxation and inner peace. Although believed to be a form of ancient Chinese martial art, is believed to be an alternative stress reducer. And because the movement is similar to martial arts, practicing Tai Chi can be another way to learn some martial arts techniques, which proved to be applied in real life situations. Tai Chi involves a certain movement of the body with slow, graceful, not just movement but even subtle rhythmic breathing while freeing the mind, to achieve a sense of inner peace.
Every movement, which must be implemented correctly and appropriately. This allows the body to recover, giving a feeling revitalized and renewed awakening return of overall body health.
Tai Chi lead to health benefits of diversity, ranging from reducing anxiety and depression, improve posture, balance, flexibility and muscle strength, improve sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular fitness and increase energy, endurance and agility. And thus, the feeling of well-being life.
This can be done alone or with a group, regardless of age or physical ability.However, it is advisable to consult with doktersebelum start a new program.
Tai Chi or other forms of alternative or complementary practices to achieve optimal health, can be very effective if coupled with proper diet, regular exercise and maintain health and healthy mind.
This is useful and helps avoid sugar, oily and fatty foods, increase healthy diet, high-fiber balanced, and must be balanced denganminum at least 8-12 glasses a day and set a regular sleep pattern. It's useful to keep the mental aspect, emotional, spiritual and social.

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